It is a blessing not to have to worry about the technical parts of owning a website. Your website should just operate, with little to no upkeep required on your side. Signing up with one of the best web hosting services available will provide you with such piece of mind.

Here we will provide some of the best options accessible and name the best hosting providers! This guide will show you how to choose a host for your next website project, including the aspects to look for, how much to spend, and which hosting services would be the greatest fit for your individual needs.


The uptime of Hostinger is around 99.9 percent, which is the industry standard. It has, however, fallen below this level at least once. It can be an issue, but there is an uptime guarantee. If you have significant downtime, you will receive several days to a week of free hosting. 

Hostinger is well-known for its lightning-fast speeds. Hostinger achieves an outstanding response time of 0.25 seconds in India. It is worth noting that Hostinger’s nearest data center is in Singapore. The only reason Hostinger does not surpass every other web hosting provider in India is because of this. Nonetheless, its servers answer far faster than the majority of the competition’s local servers.


Bluehost is one of the most prominent web hosting providers on the internet, catering to a wide range of consumers with varying websites and ambitions. If you’re a novice with limited funds, you can acquire a Bluehost plan for as little as $2.75 per month. If you ever need more, you can quickly switch to a higher-tier plan.

If you’re a more sophisticated user or have a site that receives a lot of traffic, you can obtain VPS hosting or a dedicated server. Bluehost also provides user-friendly tools for installing site software. This is especially essential if you intend to develop a WordPress site. Bluehost’s user interface is simple to use and requires no prior expertise or understanding.


Hatchling, Baby, and Business are the three shared web hosting plans offered by HostGator. Although features certainly increase with each, the foundation offers are solid. All plans include unlimited disk space, a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee, and 24/7 support. HostGator takes these obligations seriously: if it falls short on uptime, it will credit your account for one month.

The Business plan includes free SSL, but for Hatchling and Baby, you must add SSL as an add-on. The range of top-level names available is also astonishing, however for more specialist domains like .art or .coffee, you’ll need to go to a registrar like and register the domain separately.

A2 Hosting

This American web hosting provider is well-known for their excellent Turbo servers and fantastic A2 Optimization tool. While they are not the quickest web host available, they received an A+ in our server speed tests. Pings from Singapore were very fast at 6 ms, 67 ms for Japan, and 163 ms for Bangalore using their Singaporean data center. The rest of the world’s response times slipped into the hundreds, but they’re still faster than your ordinary web host, with a global average of 173 ms.

Now, here’s where we have a minor issue with A2 hosting: their live chat Gurus are genuinely very good at what they do. It’s simply that they can be difficult to get to. However, once we got through to a Guru, they effortlessly solved our concerns!


SiteGround is designed to provide exceptional performance and security for WordPress hosting. If you’re going to use WordPress, you’ll need a speedy site that keeps visitors on their feet, as well as tight security. Because it is the most common way to host a website in the world, WordPress sites are frequently hacked. You won’t have to worry about speed or security with SiteGround. It all starts with the technology that their hosting is based on. SiteGround uses Google Cloud to keep connections fast and consistent, and their SSD persistent data storage assures low latency.

So, there you have it. These are the top 5 web hosting providers in 2022. We hope this has been of help to you. 



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