Web browsing is the most important aspect of the World Wide Web or the internet. Web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, Chrome, Opera, Internet explorer etc. all provide browsing capabilities to the user. While all browsers are not similar and do not have the similar look they all render the capacity to allow users to surf or use the internet for communicating and doing business online. In this article, the top 10 important features of web browsers are discussed.

10 Important Features Of A Web Browser:

1 – Personalization:- The most important aspect of a browser is its application for personalization. It has varied features that allow the users to customize the browser to a user’s desktop. Customization of the browser with buttons and toolbars, looks and layouts, keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures. These and many other features can be made possible from a web browser. The size, shape and other styles of the navigation bar can be created for the browser. Themes of various designs, simple and colorful, can be added to the toolbar. This is possible for various browsers, in varying degrees.

2 – Security:- All browsers provide a security and safety measure for browsing. Protection from cross site scripting attacks, customized setting for passwords, cookies is made possible. Thereupon the site security updates, third party software’s, forgeries protection, risks from outdated plugin detections are made possible. Other features for antivirus, anti phishing, protections are also provided. Securing connections and questions of private browsing, non tracking for sites is also allowed as a choice to the user. The benefits of using browsing as a tool for navigating the web is a secure and safe option.

3 – Universal Access:- The browsers provide an access which when added with different features of text rendering (font and display), different languages, accessibility and customizations increase usability and value of a browser. The access of the browser is for all sites and webpages which is a universal access. All browsers support this feature in more ways than one.

4 – Performance:- Browsers have speed for greater and higher start up times, with an efficiently managed script, also with crash protections, which together benefits the user experience. The browsing capability increases manifold with its toolbar and with new tabs, making searching a lot easier. Different graphic acceleration speeds are available for managing content on windows. Thus various browsers have different performance and page load times.

5 – Tabs:- The various tabs allow integration from the browser by organizing importance or category depending on personal preferences. It decreases the time to open webpages, and leads to faster time to open and run these processes. This provides ease of access where a single window helps in multiple browsing. The browser helps in restoring multiple tabs also.

6 – Interface:- Browsers allow you an ability with the interface of the browser to permit new rearrangement, organization, adding or removing buttons or fields to change your browsing experience in whichever way you want.

7 – Productivity:- The web browsers allow to be in control of browsing for downloads, keeps spelling in checks, has applications and add-ons which are convenient. It can eliminate distractions as also loading of plugins which are needed by the user. Thus web browsers enhance the productivity of the system and also generate the quality for the web presence of the sites.

8 – Technologies:- All the browsers include fast JavaScript reading, smooth and fast graphics and various scripts. Thus it provides you with best technologies too. Web standards and developing technologies for addition to the web browsers can alleviate and attain greater standards for the site experience and better worth for browsing.

9 – Search:- The search ability of the browser is a unique feature which creates and develops the user experience. Here the user can get suggestions from search, with smart options for wrong addresses and many other features which are interesting and allow the user to integrate browser with the system enhancing the overall browsing experience.

10 – Support:- The support for the browser comes from extra help pages, online chat forums, support from web standards, white papers, version history etc. Therefore, support for the browser comes from web compliance and standards for helping browser experience become smooth.

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